a glass set down on the table/the way that words are muted by walls/a spoon scraping in chili oil/air filling a balloon/sounds of living in a box/the hollow sound of a tennis racket colliding with the ball/the scuttling of chipmunks under my window at night/bicycle horns/stretching tape from a roll/a throat clearing/sucking on hard candy/kindling thrown into fire/my fingernails scratching my scalp/the cranking of the pasta maker/sitcom laugh-tracks/nested pyrex bowls clanging in the kitchen at night/mysterious sounds from above/the tea kettle whistling/walking down stairs/walking up stairs/the self conscious rattling of pill bottles/humming under my breath/playing the high melody on bass and the low harmony on vocals/rice poured into a measuring cup/a stone plopped into a lake/a sharp knife chopping an onion/mosquitos/a ringing doorbell/improvisational piano flourishes/deep chest coughs from smoke inhalation/sounds that are always there/the nurturing voice of a kindergarten teacher/the blender’s morning growl/the belting of a note cradled in the middle space between my chest and my belly/a finger double-clicking on the trackpad/the steady drip of the water filter/the scraping of a toothbrush on enamel/trampoline springs/the A string of a bass plucked like a perfect rubber-band/percussive punctuation/a train out my window for the first time, the same window every night and never a rattling like that/the train that wakes me every hour at the campground by the lake, me cocooned stiffly and waiting for the morning’s warmth/my crinkling potato chip bag in the dark/sounds that sleepers hear/the clanging of the bells that hang on the porch/a pair of mourning doves cooing/sirens/the buzz of the kitchen timer/leaves rustling down the street/the engine of an approaching car, then a passing car, then a departing car/the click of a camera shutter/the crackling heat of the muffin tin when removed from the oven/sticks under my feet/leaves under my feet/sounds that say more than words/the pop of a soda can/soft grass under my feet/the whispered voice of a librarian/the gnats that swarm the compost pile/blue jays pecking at a suet block/the snap of an elastic waist-band/a child's temper tantrum/a teacup set on a saucer/gravel, crunching under my feet/a rolling pin on dough/shower sounds/church bells/the slapping of sandals against the ground/the slapping of sandals against my soles/a snapped pretzel rod/chewing sounds/a lawnmower engine/a bird colliding with the window/the shaking out of a towel/the squeaking of brand new baseball cleats/water fountains/my own chewing, grotesque and wet/the slamming car doors of neighbors returning from work/unfastening velcro/a sharp intake of breath/the hum of the turning microwave/the metallic warp of human voices through the computer/loud sounds/fingers tapping furiously on a touchscreen/my endless sniffling/the pucker of a cheek kiss/thick rubber car tires grinding against asphalt/the thwack of a broomstick against a dusty carpet/a cupboard opened/slurping soup/the spark of a lighter/crumbs skittering across the floor after I brush them from the counter/a dry broom on linoleum/sounds that should be music/the creaking thuds of steps on carpet/a lawnmower somewhere down the street/a violent sneeze/the buoyant hollowness of a basketball/exhaling through your nose underwater/a plastic spoon in shaved ice/angry stomping/buzzing lightbulbs/the swish of a basketball net/the waterlogged churning of the washing machine/spreading jam on toast/air trapped in a straw/the singing of the rice machine/the whirring of the sewing machine/a human imitation of a birdcall/the accurate onomatopoeia of snipping scissors/the snapping of a loose thread with my teeth/a metal whisk in a glass bowl/sounds we make/the friction of sugar granules rubbing against themselves/the popping, cracking, slipping, rumbling of my joints/a cardboard package ripped open/the contagious yawns of middle-aged people/the spring of a pinball machine/cherry tree petals rubbed between my thumb and fingers/sounds once unnoticed/the purring of the refrigerator/boots squelching in mud/crunchy cereal/a woodpecker wood-pecking, boring holes in hydrangea branches/sawing through drywall/sounds we grow to love/the clang of a wrench set to rest on the sink/the different reverberations of glass and plastic/dogs howling at each other/shutting a refrigerator/shuffling feet/a textbook slammed/flicking a helicopter seed/the image-conscious transformation of a teenager’s voice when speaking on the telephone/a movie drowned out by a helicopter above the house/voices speaking French/a tablecloth pulled from the table/the corroded spring of my brass doorknob/the sound of lips pulling away from other lips/a drop of water in a hot cast iron pan/burrs grinding coffee beans/the sloshing of liquid into a cup/the bubbling of my bathroom faucet/the aggression of the kitchen faucet/taking off glasses/the deluge of the tub faucet/the air conditioner that I mistake for light rain/a boiling pot of water/a boiling pot of Scottish oats/sawing into a fresh baguette/smacking gum/tearing weeds from the dirt/falling acorns/ grating parmesan/a serrated knife sawing into a stale baguette/Sam’s careful, measured voice reading me poetry/my father’s constant rustling during our phone calls/a soft paintbrush on rice paper/car horns/toast popping out of the toaster/the mechanics of the printer shifting inside/an old paintbrush on brown cardboard/the hurried scrawl of a note-taker/the sketching of a pencil/sudden dullness in a voice/the bursting of Baby White Extra Small and Tender corn kernels/the bursting of ice cubes added to water/the remnants of rainfall dripping from trees/a tissue pulled delicately from its box/a tissue torn hurriedly from its box/the nostalgic jangling of my mother’s gold bangles/the honking outbursts of my sister’s laugh/a fax coming through the machine/the pepper grinder/planes roaring above/squeaky floorboard/spinning bicycle wheels/the tintinnabulation of bowl and spoon as somebody eats cereal early in the morning/the glug of wine poured from a narrow necked bottle/the flipping of pages/the flipping of newspaper pages/the disintegrative crushing of dried flower petals/a heart beating/a knock on the door/a room overcome with applause/the hesitation before words spoken/the hesitation before words not spoken/the ticking of a wall clock/the ticking of a wrist watch/the latching of the microwave door/a computer rebooting/a drill whirring/chalk on pavement/a salt shaker inverted/removing the lid from a tube of chapstick/stamping a library book/the soft click of a charger plugged into a cell phone/splitting wood/the convection of the oven/a vase breaking/the sharp beep of a reversing truck/a twisted shriek I had never heard, the news of sudden death/shuffling a deck of cards/a coin dropped into a tin bank/car keys jangling/a beaded necklace/the scraping sounds of exfoliation/shaking out a sheet as you make a bed/sliding a pillow into its pillowcase/closing a barrette/the steam release of a pressure cooker/pouring birdseed into a glass feeder/unscrewing the lid on a bottle of sparkling water/a landline ringing/radio static/setting earrings onto the bathroom counter/squeaking styrofoam egg cartons/small creatures rustling in dry reeds/a tossed sweater catching the air/a clay pot set on a stone mantle/a church choir/an electric razor buzzing hair/hummingbirds/voices muffled through face masks/the screeching of an amp plugged in at full volume/combing through puzzle pieces with your fingers/gritty nail files/pressure washing the wooden deck/tiny unidentified taps on the window/clapping wooden sticks together rhythmically/my grandmother's castanets/frothing milk/tearing pages from a composition book/a scribbled signature/rubber soles on an indoor basketball court/a camera shutter/reeling in a fishing line/folding a sheet of aluminum foil/stinkbugs flying near your ears/opening a candy bar/wringing out a soaked towel/the gulping of ice-water after a run/sand trickling through an hourglass/squeaking wheels on a grocery cart/the quiet minutes between the question "were those gunshots?" and the arrival of the police helicopter/dense taps on a fat aloe plant/squirrel chasing another squirrel down a tree (rushing water sound)/cardinals cracking nyger seeds against stone/a metal straw nervously swirled around the inside of a glass/zippers pulled in haste/snapping a corn cob in half by hand/snapping a carrot in half by hand/the groan of settling comfortably into a mattress at night/popping the seal on a new jar of jam/the sound of broken glass that says something better is coming/the fuzzy static of pouring a carbonated drink into a glass/a dog's claws scratching at the bathroom door/stairs that creak/ sliding a window open/snapping a rubber-band against your skin/the buzz of a tattoo gun/pulling up the blinds to let the sun inside/a whole new soundscape /releasing the latch of my water bottle/the knocking sound of the ice-maker/the crumpling paper of distributing takeout orders/opening a medicine cabinet/a bouncy techno-beat played over a restaurant speaker/setting a ceramic mug down on a wooden table/turning on the car engine/pushing a pill through its foil backing/guinea pigs squealing/Newton's cradle clacking/a squeaky swing set/a running brook/sounds of water birds over the waves/hundreds of people simultaneously unwrapping hard candies as part of performance art/beating a hanging rug with a broomstick/my dog's collar clinking on her dish as she eats/the hardworking hum of a window AC unit/music playing through the apartment walls, barely perceptible but audibly beautiful/spinning spokes when I would coast downhill on my bicycle during childhood summers/the heavy breath of a sleeping toddler/wicker furniture stretching and crackling under a shifting body/a dog licking its paw/the filling of a beanbag chair/turning the key of a windup toy/a jewelry box ballerina's spin/the trigger of a spray bottle/branches tapping on the windowpane/scuffing carpet with your hand/ laughter raining down from a porch somewhere above/skateboard wheels on pavement/a garage door opening/the thud of my foot colliding with the sparring bag/rustling monstera leaves/crumbling rice cakes/sounds that stick/the PATH train whistling at night/the creak of street signs swinging on a traffic light beam outside my bedroom window/a dog's reverse sneezes/a wooden bird whistle/flipping the lid on a jar of vaseline/my nephew singing Happy Birthday in text message videos/styrofoam clamshell boxes of red bean buns/peeling the parchment from the bottom of a red bean bun/mice skittering at night/the sudden snap of a mouse trap/tearing a paper towel from its roll/ the bodily plop of a cork pulled from its bottle/bouncing wooden counters across a game board/clean crushed ice in a cocktail shaker/satisfying blings of bluetooth connection/the empty growl of a car accidentally switched into second gear/unwrapping a piece of discount Valentine's chocolate/the upstairs neighbor's dog sliding on hardwood floors/the ding of an arriving elevator down the hall/violent clamoring inside my bathroom steam pipe all night/a cherry dropped into a carbonated beverage/hundreds of collisions of smooth plastic Bananagram tiles inside the zippered bag/shuffling cards/turning the key of a mailbox/a torn section of the window screen flapping in the wind/